How to Get Baits on Hay Day

One of the most popular and played games of recent times is probably Hay day, a game created by Supercell in the year two thousand and twelve and that will let us live the adventure of manage a farm from scratch doing tasks like raise animals, cultivate and harvest crops, build buildings and complete many other tasks and missions while we level up in the game. There Day has over a hundred million downloads on the Play Store and countless users around the world.

En There Day We are going to observe different animals, tools, buildings, materials and other things that will serve us for the development and evolution of our farm, but today we are going to talk to you singularly about the bait so that you can fish in the lake and thus generate fish fillets, so we have brought you today this guide on how to get baits on There Day.

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How to Get Baits on Hay Day

How to Get Baits on Hay Day

The baits are used to catch fish and generate fish fillets, they are manufactured in the bait shop with some tickets to then be stored in the Fishing Box. It is essential that you know that the baits cannot be sold, only used, so if you reach the limit of baits in your box, the recommendation is that you start fishing more in order to generate more fish fillets and get profits and EXP.

The baits can be reds, greens, purples, blues and golds, are unlocked at level two of the game and take a delay in generating a bait from two minutes to 1 hour and a half depending on the type of bait you want to generate. Each type of bait will allow us to catch a rarer or more frequent fish, depending on the color of the bait we choose to fish for.

Hay Day Bait Workshop

El bait workshop It is a building that will help us generate baits and is unlocked at level two, so if you are a beginner you will have to wait a certain time to start using it. The construction is located in the Fishing Lake and has no cost in coins or diamonds, it is still built without waiting any time.

What can be done in the bait workshop is improve it to unlock more spaces, each auxiliary space will have a different value that will increase as we add more workshop spaces. Another thing we can do is the mastery of the bait shop to speed up our production that we will achieve as we use our bait workshop more and more.

This is all we can tell you about how to get baits on Hay Day. If you liked this note, remember that you can visit our website and check all the other Hay Day guides and many other games for video consoles at any time.

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