How to Get Blox Fruits Fragments

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In Blox Fruits, the fragments are a kind of currency that was introduced in the number one update of the year two thousand and twenty. Fragments are essential to get different items and weapons in the game. For this reason it is necessary that you learn how to obtain Blox Fruits fragments so that you can advance in the game of Roblox.

In addition to getting weapons and items in the game, Blox Fruits shards are very helpful as they allow you to change races.

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How to Get Blox Fruits Fragments

How to Get Blox Fruits Fragments

To get Blox Fruit fragments, you have to know first that to get them, you must be in the second sea and reach the thousandth level of the game. To get Blox Fruits fragments you must:

  • Confront Blackbeard and kill him. This will let you get fifteen hundred shards. To place the boss Blackbeard you must summon him through the fists of darkness, and when facing him, you have to transgress a damage equivalent to one percent
  • Kill a sea beast. This action gives you two hundred and fifty shards. To place the sea beasts and get them killed, you must summon them through the Tide Keeper boss. The number of shards you receive helps you activate a fruit's first ability in Blox Fruits.
  • Participate in the Blox Fruits raids, this can help you get a thousand shards if you win. In the case of not achieving victory in the raids, you will still receive a smaller amount of fragments. In the raids you always and at all times win, since you win or not always and at all times you will receive fragments
  • Killing the YouTubers. This has become the preferred option for many players to get high amounts of Beli and shards at the same time. When killing a Videoblogger, you will be assigned the amount of two,500 fragments and in turn two hundred and fifty,000 Beli. It can be noted that all YouTubers do not pay the same for being defeated, so you must place those who offer a higher reward
  • Participate in Blox Fruits events. This allows you to get a fragment in an easy way, you just have to be aware of the events that are about to come out. This information is published on the game's social networks.
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