How to Get Bolts on Hay Day

How to Get Bolts on Hay Day

There Day is a very popular game in the whole world for mobile phones consisting of a farm simulator full of adventures, missions and tasks that you will have to complete as you improve, expand and complete your farm with the best buildings, places and areas that will help you to carry out more commercial activities with which you will produce enough money and products to be able to sustain your farm and animals throughout your adventure.

Here, you are going to be able to run a farm from the beginning, so we must make our farm thrive by fulfilling the different tasks and missions for this, so, completing each and every one of the activities in the game is extremely essential so that our farm is sustained. To help you accomplish this, today we want to share with you a guide on how achieve bolts on hay day in order to make it considerably easier to get this material for your farm.

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How to Get Bolts on Hay Day

How to Get Bolts on Hay Day

First of all, you have to know that bolts are similar to screws in terms of their physical appearance, and that it will let us progress certain buildings on our farm, so do not underestimate them or believe that they are not essential, since the reality is that they are essential if we want these buildings to prosper. In what way we want it to be easier for you to get studs, now, we will share a series of tips and advice that will be really useful for you to get them:

It is possible to get the bolts from level 1 of the game, since the constructions or buildings that need bolts to be improved are the most basic or first of Hay Day. Being such a common object we are going to be able to get them at the sales points at very affordable costs, which is going to be advantageous for us because we are going to be able to acquire them whenever we need them.

We will also be able to achieve bolts randomly, since they are very simple to get, being level 1 materials so to speak. We can get random bolts at any time or at a stall, although other types of objects will appear more often depending on the level, it will not be difficult enough to get several bolts.

What are bolts for on Hay Day?

The bolts are used to prosper the super or the barn, so for that reason you will be able to perceive bolts very early in the game, making the process of progressing these buildings much easier, which, although you may say that they are not, are essential for your progress in the farm and in the game.

If by any chance you feel that you have amassed a lot of bolts, it is best to sell a certain amount so that you can recover some coins and use them for something else that may be more precise.

This is all about how to get bolts on hay day to progress the super and barn. If you liked this article, remember that you can review all the other hay day guides that we have published for you on our website.

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