How to Get Boosters in Hay Day

There Day is a farmer style game with more than one year old in which we are going to be able to run our farm from scratch while we carry out different precise activities for the development of exactly the same as it is raise animals, trade different things and products, sow, harvest, and many other things that we will discover as we advance in this magnificent game of Supercell.

In this game we will have to build buildings, generate materials or products for sale and many other things that will take some time to complete It may take minutes, hours or even a day, however, this time can be significantly reduced if we use enhancers, which will cut the waiting time of the constructions or productions that we are carrying out at that moment. This is all you need to know about how to get boosts in There Day.

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How to Get Boosters in Hay Day

How to Get Boosters in Hay Day

Boosts aren't that easy to come by, since you're usually going to rely on luck and chance to get them, in exactly the same way that you're not going to be able to have a huge number of boosts, so occasionally you're going to be forced to use what you have so you can save more. If you find it interesting to know how to achieve these boosters, here we will share some tips to do it:

  • Play the Wheel of Fortune: This roulette, as we well know, usually grants rewards or benefits randomly, and one of the things that we can perceive are the enhancers.
  • Open the enigmatic boxes and treasure chests: Another random or random way that we can try is undoubtedly opening these boxes and chests that we will be able to locate from time to time on our farm.
  • Farm Pass: Getting the farm pass will make it considerably easier to earn power-ups by completing tasks, quests, or participating in Hay Day events.
  • Buying at the Valley store: In this store it is possible to obtain power-ups on certain occasions, and although they may not have a very low cost, it is a good option if you are in a hurry and need a power-up as soon as possible.
  • In the rewards: By interacting on our farm, participating in events, completing tasks, orders or missions we will be able to perceive enhancers that will serve us for many things on the farm.
  • When leveling up: When we level up it is also possible to perceive enhancers.

It is essential that you know that there are 85 in-game power-ups which They are divided into 6 different categories, so each enhancer will be particularly useful for a specific activity or action. Enhancers are used to speed up crop development, shorten fishing times and production of related items, use Tom, Ernest or Rose for free, mine more ores, shorten wait times for services and many other things.

With this we have finished this guide on how to get powerups in Hay Day with which we hope to have helped you achieve the boosts you need so much to speed up your processes on the farm. If you liked this note, remember that you can share it on your social networks and take a look at the rest hay day guides that we have free for you.

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