How to Get Candies in Blox Fruits

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Blox Fruits candies or candies were introduced in the number one update of Blox Fruits. Candies were a currency used to trade Christmas NPCs. Learn how to get candies in Blox Fruits and enjoy the advantages that they give you in the game of Roblox.

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How to Get Candies in Blox Fruits

What are the candies in Blox Fruits for?

The candies introduced in update one of Blox Fruits are used to:

  • Redeem for a huge plurality of items. For this you need to go to the first and second sea of 鈥嬧婤lox Fruits respectively, in Middle town and in the mansion through Santa Claws
  • Get two EXP, stat refund and career resume, through the Magical Elf. The elf offers you this through the exchange of candies. You can make this exchange in Middle town in the first sea, and in The Caf茅 in the second sea of 鈥嬧婤lox Fruits
  • Obtain shards, which are ideal for changing races in the game. You can get these fragments, through the Greedy Elf, by offering candies. This is a transaction that you can make in the laboratory of the second sea of 鈥嬧婤lox Fruits
  • Obtain multiple fruits in order to have the different powers. You achieve this through Blox's fruit dealer cousin

How to Get Candies in Blox Fruits

To make candies in Blox Fruits easily and safely, you just have to follow these easy steps:

  • Head to any island in Blox Fruits
  • Kill NPCs or bosses, which is easy since their energy level is low. To receive the candies when annihilating the NPCs, you must be at level one hundred in the game. If you are in a lower or higher level you will not receive the candies
  • By killing an NPC you will have a percentage of two percent and you will get from zero to three candies
  • By killing the bosses, you will be able to have a higher percentage of obtaining candies, between nine to one candies for each boss liquidated

Candies are a currency from the Christmas event. These, as well as Bones and Ectoplasm, complete the Blox Fruits coin set.

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