How to Get Candies in Pet Simulator X

In this new installment of Pet Simulator X Roblox, we are going to teach you how to collect candies in the game. With the new update dated October XNUMX, XNUMX, which brings with it an area dedicated to Halloween parties, where we will get the candies, we will collect these in the same way as coins or diamonds.

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How to Get Candies in Pet Simulator X

How to Get Candies in Pet Simulator X

With the latest update of Pet Simulator X, we are going to get new pets and a plurality of new amazing eggs. And what most impressed the players was that an area was added for the Halloween festivities, where we will find countless candies.

Keep reading and we are going to show you how to get candy in Pet Simulator X.

  • We are going to achieve candies in the same way that we achieve coins and diamonds, opening chests, breaking boxes and hiding in certain places.
  • The idea is to have our pets improved in terms of speed and strength, since they can quickly open chests, as in the case of the large chest called Vulcan.
  • Another way to get candies is by growing the pumpkins of important size, the ones that have a lantern inside. These pumpkins are located in different areas of the game, and there is no fixed place to get them.
  • The giant pumpkins are full of sweets and exactly the same ones have 5 billion XP in health.
  • In the unique area of ​​​​Halloween, we can get a place to unlock certain pets. To go to this area we must go to the Spawn World store where we will get a cannon that is located near the egg shelf.

In this unique area of ​​the Halloween event, we can acquire the new update eggs. And we can go through our inventory of Pet Simulator X pets.

The eggs of the new Halloween update in Pet Simulator X

With the new update of the Pet Simulator X game, new eggs can be located which have a cost in candies:

  • Pumpkin Egg, the one that costs 25 thousand candies in the Pet Simulator X game.
  • Golden Pumpkin Egg, has a cost in the store of two hundred 25 thousand candies.
  • Creepy Egg, can be purchased for one hundred thousand candies.
  • Golden Egg Creepy, it has a cost of one million eight hundred thousand candies.
  • Cursed Egg, can be achieved for a cost of six hundred 66 thousand candies.

The new Halloween event does not have an end date, so you can take advantage of it to collect large amounts of candy.

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