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There Day is a multiplayer game in which you can create a farm from scratch, learning step by step how to grow exactly the same in order to level up and improve it continuously until you have the best in the entire game. With more than a year of experience, this great game is one of the most popular in recent times, already having more than 100 million downloads in the whole planet.

En Hay day, you will be able to obtain different tools and materials that will allow you to facilitate the hard work of this farm, so you should never waste the opportunity to achieve new things since you do not know if you will need them later. For this reason, we have decided to share with you this guide on how to get maces in There Day and in this way make this whole process easier for you.

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How to Get Hay Day Clubs

How to Get Hay Day Clubs

La mace is an object or tool it will be very useful to enlarge Certain parts of the farm, yes, you should know that there are different ways to expand the area to achieve tools for exactly the same kind of work. Today we are going to tell you how to get maces and what you must do to obtain them:

  1. Buy at the stalls: Perhaps this is the most common way to get maces, since we can simply go to another player's stall and look for this tool to acquire it for a cost of no more than four hundred coins, in truth, these can be achieved much more affordable . Remember that this item can only be obtained from level two and not before.
  2. Purchasing maces from in-game stores: If we have the opportunity to get many diamonds in the game, we can buy our maces for one diamond per unit.
  3. Opening enigmatic boxes and mysterious packages: It is common to see this alternative, especially for the expansion tools, because they are usually achieved anywhere on the farm by completing an activity or interacting in some way and opening the enigmatic boxes or mysterious packages, although you must take into consideration that you might not perceive maces on occasion.

After having gotten some information about the mace in Hay Day we can understand the different ways to get this tool It will be necessary to expand the different areas of the farm. Keeping a reserve of these tools is going to be essential for our progress since it will allow us to expand the different areas of the farm faster, saving us all the time of looking for these expansion materials. With this we have finished our guide on how to get maces in Hay Day with which you will be able to have easier access to this extension material. If you liked this note, remember to review the rest hay day guides that we have published on our website for

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