How to Get Coins in Murder Mystery XNUMX

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With every update that comes out for this awesome game, more new emotes, knives, and collectibles are released little by little on the Murder Mystery servers. Roblox. So, if you're a loyal fan of the game, you'd love to have all these collectibles at your disposal, but the big problem is: how do you get enough coins to get them all?

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How to Get Coins in Murder Mystery 2

How to get coins in Murder Mystery two Roblox

Knowing that in the game the traditional way to get coins is to go through the maps. Some of these coins are visible to the naked eye, but others are not, and there is also the payment procedure, which is to acquire the coins directly with our local currency, so it can become expensive and difficult for us to obtain many coins in Murder Mystery XNUMX. However, in the article we bring you an easier way to get coins on the Murder Mystery dos servers, in a non-paying way.

How to Get Coins in Murder Mystery Two Steps

  1. You must download a Roblox extension on our chrome web store called: Roblox+ to add unique features to the main Roblox page, in order to know which servers have players; therefore, knowing that you should do the following:
    • Add the extension to chrome.
    • Once added you must go to the main page of Roblox and refresh it.
    • You go to Murder Mystery XNUMX and, before starting to play, we must go down to the bottom of the page and some new buttons that we had not seen will appear; we click to move through the different servers until we achieve one with people.
    • Once inside the server with people, we must regulate with them to be able to farm coins in a calm way and not get kicked out of the server.
    • This is going to help us collect the coins easily.
  2. The second key step to be able to achieve this is that you must keep your distance from the rest of the players while you collect coins.
  3. And finally, it is extremely essential that you collect coins on large maps, as there are considerably more coins on these maps than on regular sized maps.

It is essential that you know that there is no hack procedure with which you can obtain coins immediately, but it can only be obtained in a traditional way. But applying the steps that we mentioned before, without a doubt you will be able to collect more coins and faster than usual.

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