How to Get Cotton on Hay Day

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There Day is a mobile game created in the year two thousand and twelve by the company SuperCell. En There Day you will have the opportunity to manage a farm from scratch carrying out tasks and actions that make your territory grow little by little, such as growing food, selling animals or merchandise, building buildings, among other things that we are going to discover throughout the game.

In this game, one of the most essential tasks is to get groceries, raw material or products that are valuable or significant in order to prosper and level up. Some of these are crops, which let you feed animals and get more EXP and coins for your farm. For this reason, today we have decided to share with you a guide on how to get cotton in There Day.

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How to Get Cotton on Hay Day

How to Get Cotton on Hay Day

The cotton It is an essential material in There Day, since with it we are going to be able to do certain things, sell it and many other things, but like everything, we must achieve it in some way, and although it is not difficult at all, you have to know where to look for it. This is what you can do to get cotton on Hay Day:

  1. Grow it: Fortunately, cotton crops can be achieved easily from level 18, but this is going to have a somewhat higher cost relative to wheat because it is rarer than wheat. It is possible to acquire cotton seeds to grow and harvest it and then sell it at a better cost or simply to complete certain missions in which you need strange products like this.
  2. Sale posts: You will be able to get cotton at the points of a store especially, such as the stalls that appear on your farm, in these you can both buy and sell cotton, cotton will not always appear at all times, so you have to be aware that you must choose when it is not free at the point of sale.

Although cotton is a material for players at more advanced levels (level one from now on), it is essential that you know how to achieve it beforehand and have coins on hand to actively grow cotton. A tip that we can give you to level up while you acquire cotton is to sell it at a good cost in the stalls or to other players who urgently need it, so you will be able to grow more over time.

We hope this has worked for you. how to get cotton on hay day and so you can achieve this material and take advantage of it to the maximum possible, although before you will have to have reached level one. If you liked this note, remember that you can check all the others hay day guides and about many other games that we have published on our website for you.    

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