How to Get Duct Tape on Hay Day

There Day is a mobile game created in the year two thousand and twelve by Supercell and that has become one of the most played and downloaded games on the internet. Play Store. In this game we can enjoy the experience of manage our farm to our liking and in addition to this carry out tasks of said administration such as cultivate, harvest, build buildings or raise animals, among many other things, as well as we must fulfill different missions and challenges to level up.

En There Day We are going to be able to build many more things to do it, we are going to need different materials such as wood, nails, screws, adhesive tape, among many other things. Today we are going to tell you all about the Scotch tape so that you can always have free in your inventory, so if you find it interesting, keep reading this note about how to get duct tape on There Day.

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How to Get Duct Tape on Hay Day

How to Get Duct Tape on Hay Day

This material is unlocked at level 1, so we are going to be able to get it very early in the game to give it the pertinent use, which would be to improve the supermarket and the barn, apart from being able to be sold at the stalls for an amount that could range from 1 coin to two hundred and seventy coins for each tape. These are the best ways to get duct tape on hay day that we know:

mystery red boxes

One way you could get duct tape is on the enigmatic red boxes due to the fact that different materials or free items usually appear in these boxes, the worst thing is that these boxes appear suddenly on our farm and that is why it is not so easy to open them regularly. Another negative point could also be that different items could appear and not the adhesive tape.

Touch your pets when they are sleeping

There Day will give you rewards if you interact with your pets and don't forget about them, because, believe it or not, the authors try to make caring for these animals a part of your daily Hay Day routine, just as it should be with your pets in real life. Among the prizes that they usually distribute for doing this activity are the adhesive tapes and other basic building materials.

Keep your animals fed and cared for

 This is another activity that There Day will give you prizes such as items or experience points, and it is the raise your animals, this activity is extremely essential to do daily on the farm since otherwise your animals will stop generating and for this reason you will have a setback in your production.

These are certain forms of get duct tape on hay day, if you liked this article, remember that you can review all the other guides of There Day that we have published for you on our website.

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