How to Get Ectoplasm Blox Fruits

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Do you know how to achieve ectoplasm in Blox Fruits? Ectoplasms are essential to trade them for different items. You can exchange ectoplasm for swords, rifles, and even the ghoul mask among many others. Achieve ectoplasm in Blox Fruits and continue the entertainment in Roblox.

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How to Get Ectoplasm Blox Fruits

How to Get Ectoplasm Blox Fruits

Here we are going to explain how to achieve Blox Fruits ectoplasm in a simple and safe way.

You can get ectoplasm by killing the NPCs that you will find located in any of the cursed ships of Blox Fruits. For each NPC you kill you will get an ectoplasm, and if you kill the captain of the cursed ship, you will be assigned one ectoplasm. As simple as that you will be able to achieve ectoplasms in Blox Fruits.

How many ectoplasms do I have available

To find out how many free Blox Fruits ectoplasms you have, you must:

  • Go to the character Guashiem and interact with him. He will ask you if you want to know the amount of ectoplasm collected
  • Click on Sure which means sure
  • It will show you the free ectoplasms. These you can exchange for different items

What are Blox Fruits ectoplasms for?

The ectoplasms of Blox Fruits are used to obtain other items in the game, through exchanges.


They cost a hundred ectoplasms and a hellfire torch, which you can find on any cursed ship.

strange rifle

To get the strange rifle, you must have two free ectoplasms. This rifle helps you kill NPCs so you can get more ectoplasm. The rifle can be found on the lower deck of the cursed ship.

Ghoul Mask

To get the ghoul mask, you need to spend fifty ectoplasms. You will find the ghoul mask in the fourth bedroom on the second floor of the cursed ship. With this mask you increase your speed by thirty-five percent, and your energy in the game is going to increase to five hundred. This mask absorbs one percent of the life of other players, when engaged in close combat.

Midnight Blade

To acquire this item, you need to invest one hundred Ectoplasms. You can get this sheet in the bedroom that belongs to the second ship's crewmate, on the first floor to the left.

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