How to Get Fast Money in Blox Fruits

How to Get Fast Money in Blox Fruits

Do you want to continue advancing in Blox Fruits? Do you need money to advance faster in Blox Fruits? Here we are going to show you how to get fast money in Blox Fruits.

An official currency of Blox Fruit is called Beli, and with it you can acquire fruits and precise items to advance in the game of Roblox. Obtaining this currency is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either.

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How to Get Fast Money in Blox Fruits

How to Get Fast Money in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits you can get fast money, which you can use to buy fruits among many other items. For this you must liquidate NPCs and complete the assigned missions, collecting chests and facing Raid Bosses. After getting coins, you can acquire different fruits, weapons and even acquire skills in Blox Fruits.

kill the bosses

Get quick money by killing the bosses on the different game servers, of course you have to be ready for the fights. For every boss you kill, you will earn a sum of two,000 Beli.

Collect the chests

You must jump between the different servers to collect each of them from the chests. If you are a player with a VIP server, every time it restarts, you will get more chests. You can also get chests in an easy way, incorporating the spawn points near the chests.

Get promotional codes

This is a strategy to get fast money in Blox Fruits. Each of these codes bring a plurality of rewards, including coins. To get these codes, what you have to do is visit the official Roblox page or web pages dedicated to the game. To exchange these codes you must do the following:

  • Head to Open Blox Fruits
  • Select one of the sides
  • wait for it to fully charge
  • When the download is complete, choose the Twitter icon located on the right side of the screen
  • Select the Fruits code you want to exchange and paste it in the section designated for it
  • Follow all these steps and enjoy the rewards you can get, including Beli coins.

This is a way to make fast money in Blox Fruit, in order to continue advancing in this entertaining game.

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