How to Get Free Tables on Hay Day

There Day is a game that will allow us to enter a vast planet in which we will have the opportunity to run a farm from scratch with all that this implies, such as carrying out cultivation, harvesting, construction, expansion, improvement, acquisition and sale, production and many other things that we will need to do so that our farm thrives and consequently, we level up and unlock new functions and surprises in this great game.

En There Day we are going to be able to use different materials that are going to be able to change according to the level in which we find ourselves, the type of product that we want to manufacture or the type of building that we think about building, but today in particular we are going to talk about The tables of wood, which should not be confused at any time with the wood panels, which are used for different purposes. If this is interesting to you, be sure to read this note so that you find out about how to achieve tables in There Day for you.

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How to Get Free Tables on Hay Day

How to Get Free Tables on Hay Day

The tables are used to make improvements to the barn and in the restaurant, but we will also be able to trade with him and thus obtain benefits. There are many ways to achieve boards on Hay Day, both paid and free, and today we are going to comment on each one of them to make it considerably easier for you to get this material and start getting the most out of this material.

  • The fastest way to draw is buying them in exchange for 8 diamonds, and this might seem expensive, but it is actually the option that will save us the most time.
  • The stalls They are also a great option to acquire tables, since there we will obtain them at costs that can range from 1 to two hundred and seventy coins for each table.
  • when harvesting crops we could receive tables randomly as a reward.
  • Opening the enigmatic boxes and the enigmatic packages that will appear around the farm that could be included inside bullion tables or some other material.
  • Participate in Hay Day events to earn event rewards, as you may receive random bullion tables for your farm.
  • Redeem tokens at the Val Shop.
  • Use the enigmatic nets in the fishing lake and possibly you will get tables and many other things.

These are the ways to achieve tables that we can advise you, but you must take into consideration that many of these are random or random, but that will serve you not only to achieve tables, but rather to achieve many other things.

With this we have finished this guide on how to get a draw on hay day. If you liked this note, remember that you can achieve many others hay day guides that we have published on our page, as well as many other guides on different games.

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