How to Get Gems in Dragon City

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The gems in "Dragon City” are the paid currency of the game that allow us to get everything that cannot be exchanged with gold, if we are going to be able to receive any dragon or object by exchanging certain amounts of gems for this reason, to get the gems it is necessary to acquire them in the section from your store.

 For this we will need to haveDragon City” downloaded in its latest version from the Google Play Store, in this after having the game installed we go to our icon and click on it, we go to the payments and subscriptions section, then we click on payment methods and we add the one that more persuades us to start acquiring each and every one of the gems we want.

How to Get Gems in Dragon City

How to Get Gems in Dragon City Simple and Fast

We enter "Dragon City”We wait for it to load and touch the plus (+) next to the gems, there will not appear a plurality of quantities and costs of each of them, we press on the quantity we want and it will ask us to confirm our payment, either using our password of access or our fingerprint, at the end of this it will affirm us (it acquires triumphantly) if we have that amount of money. In the event that a transaction error is indicated, we must make sure that we have the amount requested, if the inconvenience persists it is because we have a failure in our Google Play account or we do not have any added method.

Always having the authorization of the parents to do this. Having all this procedure done is the moment to enjoy our gems in the most fantastic way we want. Is there another alternative option to have gems? A not so recommended alternative would be to have it with patches, hacks or mods, which will allow us to acquire everything we want without paying a penny, but it can be noted that the files can come with viruses damaging our phone and data.

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