How to Get Heroic Dragons in Dragon City

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To achieve these kinds of powerful dragons in Dragon City They can be obtained through exotic race events, except for the Raven Dragon that is obtained through NIX chests, where you can get orbs from this dragon or get it right away. 

Although in the latest updates of this game along with unique events they have added a unique island where you can send multiple of the dragons and you can procure or try to get a heroic dragon egg through breeding, although the odds are very low but always and at all times there is this option that players can choose.

It could be said that these dragons fall into the category of the strongest and most sought after dragons by the Dragon City community since these have different abilities and are considerably stronger than that of the common or more basic dragons, which makes it quite difficult to achieve. one of these types and they become the most loved and needed by the players.

How to Get Heroic Dragons in Dragon City

How to Get Heroic Dragons in Dragon City

Obtaining them can be quite difficult, it is not impossible, but what is most required for this is to have a lot of patience and calm to get one of these, since they are extremely valuable and useful when fighting and fighting in certain events, against another player. , Among many other things. Except for the other genres of dragons, these, so to speak, tend to be exclusive in some way, that is, they are not usually seen in people and players of low levels, if not in people who are already basically advanced and with time of having already played “Dragon City".

Basically, to achieve these heroic dragons, you have to be patient and have planned how we are going to achieve it, since, as we have seen, these can be achieved through a unique event or a unique island with other dragons at the point of breeding.

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