How to Get Legacy Dragon in Dragon City

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The Legacy Dragon is one of the most desired dragons by the community of “Dragon City” More sadly, this does not have any specific crossover genre, but you have to have a lot of patience to achieve it.

You have to be practically always and in all circumstances most of the time making new and different crosses from the previous ones since to achieve this there is too low a probability, this type of dragon belongs to the legendary or legendary history category since it has skills , strengths and weaknesses somewhat different from the rest of the dragons, looking at it another way, it is a dragon, to put it that way, highly desired by its players, its Crossing time can change, but it is estimated that it is between forty-fifty hours to hatch its egg.

How to Get Legacy Dragon in Dragon City

How to Get Legacy Dragon in Dragon City

This is one of the different dragons that its obtaining requires great patience and time since it is not easy to obtain it, even for certain players it is quite difficult to have this dragon reaching the point of giving up in achieving it, but others have the fortune to have them with low amounts of crossings. The highest probability of obtaining this dragon is by crossing a pure dragon with another, much better if these dragons have levels four or nine, with a ninety-four percent chance of obtaining.

For this reason certain players see this challenge practically impossible, so to speak, in the same way that they are able to search for and acquire accounts of “Dragon City” that they already have this dragon and many more unique and exotic dragons, even so many players see this as a goal or a challenge to brag and rejoice with themselves being able to achieve this goal that they wanted so much, since essentially this is one of the few dragons that the community adores, loves and wants to have the most.

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