How to Get Legendary Dragons in Dragon City

Mainly you have to know what these legendary dragons are, some of them are: Origin Dragon, Asier Dragon, Air Dragon, Pig Dragon, among others. To have these dragons we will need to make a crossing, we go to the breeding mountain where we will be able to make our dragons mate. Here we look for the (cross) icon, we must select two of our dragons to get a new dragon with the possibility of it being legendary.

We can put the combination that we like the most, remembering to get the highest probability of legendary species. At first we can try: The Fresh Fire Dragon, Soccer Dragon, Pirate Dragon and Dragon Gum. Using them in different situations and mixing them with each other, these already mentioned have a countless percentage of legendary history making it easier to obtain them. We click on start crossing and it will tell us how long we should wait for our egg / hatchling, generally the "Legendary Dragons" take two-three days and the process can be sped up with gems in Dragon City.

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How to Get Legendary Dragons in Dragon City

How to Get Legendary Dragons in Dragon City

We must know that we will not get the legendary dragons in our first breeding attempt or maybe yes, it is a matter of luck, they are usually won in a period of two to eight attempts. It is not to worry if we do not have these crossing swallows in our compilation, we can select some other mixture among those that we have, without forgetting the elements that each of them must have for the breeding attempt.

Nothing happens if we do not have the dragons mentioned at the beginning, here we will indicate how you can raise them:

  • Cool Fire Dragon: We need to mate the Pearl Dragon and the Flame Dragon.
  • Dragon Gum: we must unite hybrid dragons that contain the nature and electric elements.
  • Dragon Wind: mating two pure dragons we achieve it.
  • Dragon Pig: This dragon is obtained in a period of time on the farm island or in events.
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