How to Get Money in Vehicle Legends

In Roblox we have different genres of games and servers to explore. Vehicle Legends is a server Roblox that lets you compete in street races, drive through the streets with the best cars and have a lot of fun, as one of the many game options. In this one, the huge problem is to get enough money to get the best vehicles and be the best on the streets.

How to get money in Vehicle Legends Roblox

Within vehicle legends it is essential to have the best cars on your property, and for this it is essential to have a lot of money, since many of them cost figures with quite a few zeros, which translates into a lot of time and money. Keep reading and you will be able to discover a great way to make money in Roblox vehicle legends easily and easily.

There is only one way to get income in the game, now, I will show it to you and explain it to you in more detail:

Compete in road races that have a medium or high complexity:

These races are the best ones to get money in the game, since they are the ones that reward the first four qualifying places with enough acceptable amounts of money; Thus allowing you to get more money very quickly and thus be able to achieve better cars and better tuning for them.

To be able to compete comfortably you must have at least one fast vehicle, which has a significantly high speed range. You should also avoid doing Drag races at all, since the rewards achieved by the first place in exactly the same ones are too small, you will only get about three thousand credits for achieving the first place, and they will not be able to assist you to achieve or produce income quickly. Our goal is to be able to acquire the fastest cars and spend time in this kind of low-reward racing.

Recommendations to keep in mind

We recommend you use a car like the Opera760 for road races, since this vehicle has a speed range that fluctuates between two hundred and forty-two hundred and thirty-five Km/H; Even so, the Toro Phoenix vehicle beats the Opera despite having a lower Speed ​​match, since the Toro Phoenix has a much better acceleration than the Opera, allowing you to reach two hundred and five Km/H in less time and, of this, get the first faster site.

Credits earned by position

Depending on your situation, you will be able to win the following amounts of money in street racing:

  1. 17500
  2. 15000
  3. 10000
  4. 5000

You must bear in mind that only the first four places are awarded prizes, the rest do not get rewards.

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