How to Get Pumpkin on Hay Day

En There Day we will be able to enjoy a unique experience in which we will be able to manage a farm from scratch and carry out each and every one of the necessary activities so that our farm can develop and thrive, apart from the fact that we will be able to interact with other players and our friends who also play Hay Day In this game we will be able raise animals, grow plants and food, fish, buy and sell products, obtain materials, build buildings and many other things.

Pumpkins on Hay Day they are a fundamental crop that we are going to unlock at level 15 and like the rest of the crops, it is kept in the silo, in addition to this, is used as an ingredient to make products such as barbecue, cakes and other things, but it is advisable to use them whenever possible since the recipes do not use countless pumpkins. Today we are going to tell you step by step how to get pumpkins on hay day in short time.

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How to Get Pumpkin on Hay Day

How to Get Pumpkin on Hay Day

These crops are used prepare recipes for desserts or dishes, fill ship orders and to be sold for coins, in addition to this, the pumpkins must be sown in plots by planting a pumpkin seed that will be able to be harvested later when they are ready, giving 6 experience points for each pumpkin. Now, we will share some tips so that you can get pumpkins on Hay Day.

  1. Tom's shop: The products in Tom's store can change and for this reason it is possible to get pumpkins or pumpkin seeds to be planted from time to time, we just have to be attentive to when they appear.
  2. Event rewards: Throughout the year in the game different events are celebrated in which we can get pumpkins as rewards. One of these events where pumpkins are given as a reward would be the annual halloween event which is celebrated on Hay Day, where they not only give pumpkins but rather also seeds.
  3. Asking our neighbors for help: At some point in the game we will be able to ask our neighbors for help and ask them not only for pumpkins, but rather other things so that it is easier for us to complete our tasks for the day or week.

Using Pumpkins on Hay Day

As we have told you, pumpkin is used to make recipes such as roasted vegetables, pumpkin pies, meat gratins, blankets and pumpkin soups. You must bear in mind that to prepare these recipes you will not only need pumpkin, but also other ingredients to be able to make the dish or product you want.

Another common action performed by Hay Day users is sell the pumpkins, since you may need coins and this is the most overflowing crop or it may not be as accurate at the moment, so selling it for coins might be the best option.

This is all you need to know about how to get pumpkins on Hay Day. If you liked this note, remember that you can review all the other hay day guides that we have free for you on our website.

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