How to Get Pure Dragons in Dragon City

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There are altogether one pure dragons and one pure elementals in Dragon City. The pure dragon can be achieved in the store at a cost of seven hundred gold from level thirty-four. With the new update of light and war to get the elemental dragons we need to combine the pure dragon with any of these (earth, fire, wind, nature, among others) so that they give us a pure elemental dragon offspring, the symbol of each of them due to the past updates to do only pure, therefore we will not be able to put our dragons in an area of ​​​​the element that has.

The hatching time of each of them is nine hours of crossing and one hour of hatching. The most powerful of all these is the one with four elements, the Apocalypse dragon, to breed it we must cross hybrid dragons with the elements Fire, Ice, Light and Dark after having improved the breeding grotto to Level three, we can also get it through from the store at a cost of four thousand five hundred gems.

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How to Get Pure Dragons in Dragon City

How to Get Pure Dragons in Dragon City

And yes, we can fully acquire any dragon we want through the store (excluding event and limited time ones). Now we are going to talk a little about the weaknesses and strengths of the pure dragons in “Dragon City”, these are stronger with the opposite factor that they have as an example; fire is superior to the nature element, being the fire attacker he could eliminate the nature dragon with a single blow, otherwise if we had a nature elemental in our team, the best thing would be a relay.

Regarding the defenses of the pure dragons in Dragon City It goes hand in hand with its strengths. Here is an example: having a wind dragon in our team and an earth dragon as an opponent, their attacks will not have much effect on us. In the opposite case, if we have the earth dragon, we will receive a strong impact from the wind dragon.

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