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Garena Free Fire it is a game in which we can have fun and meet people, either to play always and in all circumstances, to make them a part of our duo or our squad. Many times we have wanted to play with people we know or from our clan where absolutely no one else can enter.

That's why Free Fire offers us the option of rooms, which allow us to do what we want to do, either among friends or from the same clan. But... where can we get rooms in free fire with clan and without clan? Here we are going to show it to you.

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How to Get Rooms in Free Fire for Free: With Clan and Without Clan

How to get rooms in Free Fire with clan and without clan?

The room cards in free fire They are very easy to get, since we can buy them in the store and there on many occasions there are offers or even fulfilling missions that also offer it to you as a reward, although it is very rare the times that Garena Free Fire offers us that occasion.

The rooms make it easy for us to play with friends only and to be able to chat or compete with people from our clan. Without more to say we will show you how to get rooms in free fire.

How to achieve rooms in Free Fire with a clan?

As you well know, with room cards you can create a space that will only be for the people you want to include in it, where they will be able to do what they want. Now, surely you are wondering where and how can you get rooms in free fire, well the simplest way is by joining a clan. You must wait for the clan championships and you must participate in order to win a room card that you can use whenever you want.

How to achieve rooms in Free Fire without a clan?

To get a room in free fire It is not from another planet, although you must meet some requirements. The main thing is to be part of a clan, so it will be much easier for you to get a room card, but if you are one of the people who does not like to participate in clan things and nothing like that, you just have to register and get one thousand eight hundred (one thousand eight hundred) medals and thus exchange them for a room card.

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