How to Get Seeds on Hay Day

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There Day is a game created in the year two thousand and twelve by the company Supercell, the same company that develops games like Clash Royale or Brawl Stars and that it is undoubtedly a giant in the field of mobile games. It is a very popular game that has millions of users around the world and where global events are continually added where the entire planet can participate, win rewards, prizes, and much more.

In this farmer-style game we can live the experience of manage a farm from scratch going through the different activities that are necessary for the development of a farm such as the construction of buildings, the raising of animals, the purchase and sale of products, and many other activities and tasks What should we do to level up? Today, we are going to tell you how to get seeds There Day and you can grow everything you want easily.

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How to Get Seeds on Hay Day

How to Get Seeds on Hay Day

As we told you, the seeds are fundamental and indispensable for crops on Hay Day, since to cultivate we must necessarily have enough free seeds for this, now, many people wonder How to get seeds? Well, very simple, keep reading this note so that you find out everything.

Every time we unlock a new crop, they will give us a small amount of seeds with which we will be able to start sowing, for example, wheat is the first crop or seed we will receive, so from there we will only have to support production and always and in all circumstances we will have seeds of this crop. The enigmatic boxes They are also an alternative since they can include a small amount of seeds that we are going to be able to use.

Another way to get the seeds is in newspaper ads, concession stands, and certain in-game stores buying them for a certain amount of coins or diamonds to then cultivate them and be able to recover our investment and produce benefits for our farm as a result of the commercialization of that crop that we will plant and then we will sell.

There is a wide variety of seeds in Hay Day among those that we can mention wheat, soybeans, corn, sugar cane, watermelon, grapes, peonies, mint, peppers, onions, tea leaves, rice, lettuce, potatoes, sunflowers, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, chili peppers, pumpkin, carrot and some other more.

With this we have finished this guide on how to get seeds in Hay Day that we have prepared for you so that you can farm more in the game and thus generate even more. We hope that this article has worked for you and remember that you can check each and every one of the others hay day guides that we have published on our website for you.

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