How to Get Session ID from Dragon City

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A session id is one of the ways to save game accounts from different platforms like “Dragon City” either by Facebook or Google. To get the session id through the computer, we go to "Dragon City" on the internet, we anti-click on the red head of the dragon, here we choose the option (see source of the frame) and we write session id in the word search engine and that's it in this way we will see our session id in the computer.

To get the session id on Android we go to Facebook through our search engine (not app) and we choose the option to search on this page (it is in the page options), with this we write session id and we will have it in full view. These were the methods used before the closure of the game by Facebook. In our days the way to get the session id is by entering "Dragon City" (previously installed) then on the planet we are in the configuration section (sign in the form of a gear) that can be seen in the upper right corner.

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How to Get Session ID from Dragon City

How to Get Session ID from Dragon City

If we already have the account linked with Facebook, the procedure will be much easier, if not, we recommend that you link your account with it to see the ID, then we start the session in the Facebook account that we have linked with "Dragon City ” on our device, with the help of external pages (.exe) we skip the ads and we only have to put the URL of our Facebook, after loading a lot of numbers will appear, we must be very careful not to touch this since we would ruin the process.

At the top of the page search engine we put session id, we will observe a series of numbers in quotes next to the word (value), marking everything up to the point that would be the session id of “Dragon City".

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