How to Get Small in MeepCity Roblox

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In MeepCity you will achieve a huge variety of customization options for your avatar and your properties in which you can create parties, make a pool and many other things. You can customize your avatar by changing its color and even its size; and in this new installment we are going to teach you how to become small in MeepCity de Roblox.

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How to Get Small in MeepCity Roblox

How to make yourself small in MeepCity

You want to customize your gaming avatar to stand out in the exact same and attract the attention of other gamers. To be able to do it you must change the size of your character and make yourself small; To do so, we leave you the following guide:

  1. Once we start the session in the game, we are going to choose the avatar option which is located at the top of the game screen (identified with the symbol of a doll).
  2. A menu will appear with 3 options (games, my toys, avatar editor). Let's choose the avatar editing option.
  3. Next, multiple options will appear to alter our avatar, which are free to select and we do not need to be PLUS players.
  4. Of the different options we are going to choose the body option (Body). To be able to alter the peculiarities of our avatar.
  5. Then we choose the section called Bundles.
  6. It will take us to another screen where it will show us the Bundles icon, the one located next to an avatar figure.
  7. Click on the Bundles icon to go to the next screen.
  8. We must wait a few seconds for each and every one of the appearance modification options for our character to load. We are going to visualize an enormous plurality of bodies that we can use.
  9. We are going to choose the skeleton character in white and with black hair.
  10. When choosing the skeleton option we go out to enter the head section (Head), where we are going to choose the skull of our preference. All this to achieve the effect of short legs and make us small in the MeepCity game.
  11. Then we will click on the Right Leg section, where we will choose the small leg.
  12. We repeat exactly the same step in the left leg option, and we choose exactly the same section as the right leg.
  13. In this way we will reduce the size of our avatar by choosing the short legs in the form of stone.
  14. Next, by holding the legs we can alter our skeleton appearance to one of our liking and add an attractive piece of clothing.
  15. In this way our avatar will have a small appearance compared to the rest of the players.
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