How to Get Squirrels on Hay Day

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There Day is a game created in XNUMX by the company super cell, exactly the same one in charge of developing games like Brawl Stars y Clash Royale which have more versions. Another recognition given to this game is having achieved a score of 5/5 on Google Play, which is a good review, considering that it is a game with more than one hundred million downloads on the Internet. Play Store.

In this game you will be able to manage a farm and get new animals with your progress among those that you can select, and there is the possibility that you will have to work hard to get certain animals in particular, such as the case of the squirrels, for this reason, due to how complex it can be to achieve them, we will share certain tricks and tips in this guide on how to get squirrels in There Day.

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How to Get Squirrels on Hay Day

How to Get Squirrels on Hay Day

The squirrels we see in There Day They are extremely difficult to achieve, because they can only be achieved from level 62; however, we invite you to level up as fast as you can, in different possible ways so that you can get considerably more animals and thus acquire both coins for buy squirrels as EXP points that will help you in other aspects of the game.

Because squirrels are more expensive than other animals, you have to know how to invest really well in them so that they generate more coins, since the cost of a squirrel can be more or less 4.000 coins for each one, plus their habitat, which is also essential so that they can generate and collect different products with a cost of 45.000 coins which is considerably more expensive than the squirrel itself.

What are squirrels good for on Hay Day?

Squirrels are the eighth animal that we are going to be able to unlock on our farm and they are fundamental because they generate peanuts that will help us to carry out commercial activities, fill tasks and many other things.

Squirrels are an incredible investment and are more profitable to support your farm, since the squirrels will thrive, they will be more affordable, and you will be able to collect more peanuts with their help. Thanks to its efficiency to collect peanuts you will be able to earn many coins by selling them or simply collecting more peanuts for your inventory, this will be an important benefit not only for your squirrels, but rather for your farm that will receive multiple rewards.

It is true that we will have to wait a bit if we are beginners to have squirrels on our farm, but with this guide on how to get squirrels on hay day we'll probably get enough squirrels to grow peanuts on our farm. If you liked this article, remember that you can check all the other hay day guides that we have free on our website.

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