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There Day is a mobile game in which you must manage a farm from its beginnings to achieving a territory on the field that you can work with much better and also be a neighbor or known player in the Hay Day community. This game was created in the year two thousand and twelve by super cell, a fundamental company that was in charge of developing this game and other games like Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and the best known or popular of all, Clash of clans.

In this multiplayer game you will be able to complete missions and activities to get rewards for those tasks that are assigned to you, so if we want to complete more tasks and see how much our farm can grow, we must expand it with certain aids and tools that will to offer There Day on different occasions and depending on the level you have. To make it easier, we have brought you this article in which we are going to explain how to get stakes on Hay Day.

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How to Get Stakes on Hay Day

How to Get Stakes on Hay Day

Stakes are a really useful tool for construction on Hay Day, In addition to this, it is also one of the most useful expansion items, so from the moment you achieve it, you will be able to use them to expand the entire farm. Now, we are going to give you some advice to know what the stakes on Hay Day and how to get them:

The stakes can be achieved from level two, like the writings, and it's going to be a really useful to expand any part of your farm, as it's a more advanced level, it's possible that not each and every one of the players reading this is going to be that useful. This material is very akin to the scriptures, as are its different ways of acquiring it in the game.

Currently there are three ways to achieve the stakes in all There Day: The first way es buying from certain stalls of other players, the segunda buying a lump you get with diamondsy the third is random, in this way, the stakes will be free for each and every one of the players, yes, they will not be as simple to achieve as with the other alternatives.

Should I buy stakes on Hay Day?

As you may have noticed, in There Day the tools for expansion tend to be related and have a similar cost to be acquired, however, it is obvious that if by chance you do not achieve enough stakes it is very possible that you will need to acquire other players, and not always and in all circumstance will be economic. It is not mandatory to purchase them, but it will be considerably simpler if you buy occasionally for your extensions.

This is all you need to know about how to get stakes on hay day to be able to expand your farm and have more and better buildings with which to make your farm more attractive and productive. If you liked this note, remember that you can see all the others hay day guides that we have free for you at any time you want.

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