How to Get the Farm Pass on Hay Day

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There Day is a game for mobile video consoles consisting of create a farm to your liking from the beginning, having the opportunity to make constructions, raise animals, assist other players, complete missions and other activities that you will have fun with. There Day makes a part of the company super cell in the year two thousand twelve, exactly the same one that was in charge of carrying out the games Brawl Stars y Clash RoyaleAs There Day Pop and Clash Clans.

In this game, you will be able to get certain advantages depending on the level, diamonds, coins and other factors that are also of vital importance; certain of these peculiarities that are going to give you more advantage can be related to the pass, which we are going to achieve by making a previous payment, however, you must take into consideration many things at the time of acquiring it and for that we have brought you this guide on how to get the farm pass in Hay Day.

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How to Get the Farm Pass on Hay Day

How to Get the Farm Pass on Hay Day

First of all, you should know that you can only purchase this pass by paying with a debit or credit card, since Google Play is the one in charge of being the means by which you pay for diamonds, passes and other things in the game; however, you won't be able to purchase the farm pass until you've reached level one in the game, so you'll have to wait a while if you're a beginner. This is what you should do to get the farm pass:

the farm pass takes place in the chicken house, which is built next to the derby. In this pass we will be able to enjoy different activities that will give us great rewards, which will help us a lot in our progress in the game, to acquire it, we only have to place it on the road, right next to the derby stand.

What is the cost and what are the benefits of the Hay Day farm pass?

When we talk about its cost, it is possible to get the complete pass for more or less five USD so far, which you will be able to cancel with your debit or credit card indifferently and will last a month until you have to purchase it again.

Now, certain advantages that having the farm pass brings to you is that it will allow you to collect more rewards at the time of completing any action. In addition to this, you can add points, and those points can give you diamonds, EXP, advances, power-ups, helps and other things in There Day.

this is how it is pass from the farm it allows you to advance further, thus making your progress in the game considerably faster; however, we invite you to think about it really well since its cost is not very low per month, so the recommendation is to buy it only as many times as you feel it could be worth it, either for some event or reward that you could get.

Finally, we would like to thank you for reading our guide to There Day, we invite you to read more content that we continually publish just for you on the web. If you liked this guide on how to get hay day farm passRemember that you can share it with your friends and on your social networks.

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