How to Get the Green Ticket on Hay Day

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There Day is a mobile only free multiplayer game so far, it was created in XNUMX by the game console company SuperCell, a company in constant development that has created many great games like Brawl Stars o Clash Royale. In this game you will be able to manage a farm from the beginning to make it grow little by little by completing different activities and unlocking new characters to interact with.

Like each and every one of the games, there must always be certain forms of payment to advance, and in There Day there is a way to acquire certain more specific products and not necessarily with coins or diamonds. The Voucher or Ticket is an aid to acquire things of minor importance/cost, even so, not everything can be purchased with these vouchers and everything will depend on the color it has, but to make it easier for you we have brought you a guide on how to get the green voucher in There Day.

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How to Get the Green Ticket on Hay Day

How to Get the Green Ticket on Hay Day

The vouchers are fundamental since they will help us to obtain items or merchandise in the game that will then help us to prosper in exactly the same. Now we will share everything you need to know about vouchers and how to earn them on Hay Day:

  1. Types of Vouchers: So far there is five kinds of vouchers and not all of them will necessarily be of normal use, therefore, to get them you must complete many tasks and you will receive them mostly randomly; Fortunately, the vouchers that we are going to talk about today can possibly be achieved at any moment, so you do not have to worry about paying for them, you just have to wait patiently.
  2. Free Green Voucher: The green voucher is the simplest to achieve, it may come out anywhere; but the rest of the vouchers you will be able to achieve them in activities such as picks it up from the ship, delivering orders to the van (other players), or randomly from mystery boxes that appear from time to time, even so, it is not completely certain that they will appear.
  3. Buy the green voucher: If you don't want to save yourself the trouble of waiting for them to come out randomly or after performing the exact same action very frequently, the best thing you can do is buy them with diamonds, although this alternative is more limited and has a cost, the cost is not very high, you will be able to achieve the green voucher for only one diamond per unit.

Now that you know the different ways to acquire a green voucher or ticket in Hay day, It is essential that you get many green vouchers to be exchanged in the store for decorations or in this case certain pets (with other vouchers together), since this is a good option to acquire things in the game without spending coins or diamonds.

Without further ado, we hope you have enjoyed our guide on how get the green voucher on Hay Day. If you liked it, we invite you to continue all our content on the web where you will be able to see more hay day guides and about many other games.

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