How to Get the Riding Potion in Adopt Me for Free

How to Get the Riding Potion in Adopt Me for Free

If you want to know how to have the riding potion in adopt me for free, here we are going to teach you the steps to continue so that you can achieve it. In this way, we can assert that this incredible game has many modes in which we can spend hours of entertainment, but certain ones leave us with doubts such as the potions in Adopt Me by Roblox.

It is for this reason that here we will tell you what you must do to get the riding potion for free on Adopt me. Since, although it is not really difficult to achieve, it can be boring having to spend Bucks all the time. Thus, we are going to show you certain tricks that you can take advantage of to get the most out of these much-desired potions.

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How to Get the Riding Potion in Adopt Me for Free

How to get the riding potion in Adopt Me for free?

Despite everything you can find on the web, we are sorry to say that there is no way to locate the free riding potion. Since, there is a lot of fake news circulating about how to get the riding potion for free in Adopt Me, and these are completely false.

Both the riding and flying potions have a cost of one hundred and fifty Robux, and these are used to give your pet and you can use it as transport. It is very colorful to be able to walk on your pet especially if you have a legendary one.

But sadly, there is no possible way to get these potions for free at Adopt Me, however, you can achieve others completely free of cost by taking advantage of a Bug and we will tell you how to do it:

  • The trick is to get free potions, and it is very simple, first, we must enter our house and be in mode "Edit"
  • Once so, click on “Stuff" and in "Raro"
  • After that, you only have to acquire one of the cauldrons that make potions of big head, speed and antigravity.
  • Finally, you only have to produce new potions in the cauldrons, and when you have each and every one, sell them for exactly the same cost that you have spent, and it is a way of get free potions in Adopt Me.
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