How to Get the Tractor on Hay Day

How to Get the Tractor on Hay Day

There Day is a mobile game created in the year two thousand and twelve by the company that develops games for video consoles SuperCell, also in charge of creating the games Brawl Stars y Clash of Clans. With this, we can say that you can simulate that you have a farm from scratch, creating different places so that your animals subsist, your plants thrive and your products sell better.

In this game, we can locate enigmatic boxes, prizes or any object that is also useful as decoration in considerably more advanced levels, however, there are more difficult objects to achieve for our farm (decorations or ornamental objects) that can be very expensive, either paying with diamonds or with coins. Because of this we have decided to share with you this brief guide to how to get the tractor on hay day.

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How to Get the Tractor on Hay Day

How to Get the Tractor on Hay Day

The tractor is a decoration that you can get from level 45; however, due to its high cost, it is more than complex to acquire it with only coins, so, in the case of not having enough coins (1.500.000 coins), you will have to collect enough with other activities that do produce higher income, such as certain crops. Now, we are going to tell you a bit about how to achieve it:

Now that you know the cost and the level from which you can achieve it, it is time to see where you can get it or acquire it, since well, you can buy the tractor directly in the store, in the decorations section, but keep in mind that it is one of the last possible objects, since the tractor is the last decoration that you can acquire and it is undoubtedly one of the most expensive in the game.

What are the advantages of having the tractor on Hay Day?

As you will see, like any of the decorations, it can take up a huge space as in this case the huge tractor occupies it, but it does not have any singular benefit or reward, unfortunately it will only be useful to decorate the farm in a more adapted way and you will not be able to get any essential income from this or any other mission or economic activity.

Really achieving a tractor is a slow process unless you have enough coins at the time of acquiring exactly the same, for this reason, it is true that the decorations are an extra expense without rewards due to the fact that they do not grant any advantage to level up, but it is true that they help our farm look much better, apart from making it clear to our neighbors and other players that we have the capacity to acquire this type of decoration.

Finally, we hope that our guide on how to get the tractor on Hay Day. If you liked it, we invite you to read other articles that we have created about other games and the rest Hay Day guides we have for you.

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