How to Get Tokens in Dragon City

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The tokens or tokens of Dragon City they serve to prosper the habitats from large to huge with this you can put more dragons in the improved habitat, the way to achieve them is by playing pvp battles in the arena; getting the warrior chest; once in a while to win battles; in temporary events and in heroic races. If we cannot take our habitat to the next level by having each and every one of the necessary tokens, it is because we are still low level and we have not unlocked that alternative.

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How to Get Tokens in Dragon City

How to Get Tokens in Dragon City

In different cases it happens to us that we do not see a place for a new habitat and we do not know where to put the next dragon since everything is full and he advises us to sell it to make room in our incubator and thus lay more eggs, thanks to the chips and a good level is just to move on to the next upgrade and integrate the dragon into it by clearing a space in the incubator.

There are other kinds of tokens known as (Crypto) those that are exchanged for real money to our account or ballet (digital wallet), more “Dragon City” has not incorporated this, although it would be great to play everyone's favorite game earning money and expanding the planet that we have created with this help that SocialPoint would offer us.

Many of us do not see each and every one of the dragons that we have on the map and/or in the homes of our dragons and this is due to the device and capacity that we use, in “Dragon City” incorporated this in order for players to have a better experience and fluidity of the game. This does not mean that the dragons are no longer there, it is only enough to choose a habitat and we will see each and every one of the dragons that we have in it. To check how many dragons we have at our disposal, it is only necessary to open the draco book and we will notice the large or small number of dragons on the planet.

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