How to Get Zoro's Swords Blox Fruits

There are three legendary Zoro swords that you will find in Blox Fruits. Now we are going to show you how to achieve the Zoro Blox Fruits swords, known as: Wado Ichimonji Sword, Sandai Kietsu Sword and Yubasshiri Sword.

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How to Get Zoro's Swords Blox Fruits

How to Get Zoro Blox Fruits Legendary Swords

As you have already read, there are three legendary swords of Zoro that according to the legend story, were assigned to Zoro. By combining these swords, they become a true Triple Katana.

Wado Ichimonji Sword

His name means path to harmony. It was forged by the blacksmith Shimotsuki Kozaburou. Previously, this sword was in Koushiro's care, and was to be given to Kuina. Kuina and Zoro swore an oath, and after Kuina's death, Koushiro gave the sword to Zoro, in order for him to fulfill his promise. This sword accompanied Zoro to multiple confrontations on the battlefield.

Sandai Kitetsu Sword

It stands for third generation devil slayer, and is considered to be the highest performing sword among Zoro's swords. This sword was made by the craftsman Tenguyama Hietsu, considered one of the best sword makers in the entire area. On the Sandai Kitetsu sword there is a curse, they say that the person who dares to hold it, dies in strange circumstances. But this is not inconvenient for Zoro, since he grabs her with total control.

yubashiri sword

This sword is classified in the Ryo Wazamono grade, which means Zoro to grasp. It came into Zoro's hands through Ipponmatsu, a sword merchant from Logue Town. This merchant warned Zoro before giving him the sword that it was cursed. But this does not affect Zoro, who seized it without problems and even cataloged it as one of the best swords he had ever had.

How to Get Zoro Blox Fruits Swords

How to achieve Zoro Blox Fruits swords? You need to head to the top of the green zone. There you must invest a sum of two million Robux. To combine the swords, you need to have all three of Zoro's legendary swords.

When you get Zoro's swords, you will be able to enjoy Zoro's haki, which we identify by the purple rings on the swords. If you get the Triple Katana, combining all three of Zoro's legendary swords, you won't lose the original swords.

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