How to Gift Coins in MeepCity

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Do you want to assist a fellow player in MeepCity by sending them gift coins so that they can purchase items for their home, purchase a pet or the fishing rod and thus earn coins? If you don't know how to do it, keep reading and we will show you how to give coins in MeepCity de Roblox.

How to gift coins in MeepCity

How to Gift Coins in MeepCity Roblox

You want to assist a friend by giving them coins in MeepCity. To do so, you just have to follow the steps shown below:

To give coins to a partner, we must have Robux in our account. If we have Robux, we just have to choose the bundle of coins that we want to give to our friend from MeepCity. There are different bundles of coins that we can choose from the following list:

  • 200 coins are worth two Robux.
  • 400 coins in the amount of eighty Robux.
  • 1.000 coins in the amount of two hundred Robux.
  • 2.500 coins are worth five hundred Robux.
  • 4.600 coins cost eight hundred Robux.
  • 9.600 coins for a cost of sixteen hundred Robux.
  • 10.750 coins for a cost of three thousand Robux.
  • 31.250 coins for a cost of five thousand Robux.
  • 62.500 coins for a cost of one,000 Robux.
  • 91.750 coins for a cost of one,000 Robux.

Once we have chosen the bundle of coins that we want to send, we only have to get our friend on the game map. (The transaction is made directly). When we reach our friend, we communicate with him through chat and notify him that we are going to send him a bundle of coins.

When choosing the package and the name of our friend, we display a notification to confirm the gift. The friend will receive the coins immediately. We were deducted the Robux from the value of the bundle of coins sent.

Other ways to get MeepCity coins

In the MeepCity game we have many possibilities to win coins in the different mini games:

  • Fishing is a fairly enjoyable procedure by which we can earn some coins in the game. We just have to buy the fishing rod at the pet store, go to the lake that is located in the square and cast our line. Each and every one of the fish that we manage to catch is sold at the pet store.
  • The car race is a really easy procedure we just have to go to the Racing store and choose the vehicle with which we want to race; Next we choose the race track. If we are among the first 3 places on the leaderboard we will get a prize of one hundred and fifty coins, this prize is the highest of each and every one of the mini games.
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