How to Gift Dragons in Dragon City

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Actually in "Dragon City” There is no way to give dragons, if the authors implemented this considerably more people would join us in the community, but it is not. This is one of the most awaited and desired things by the fandom, an easy alternative option with the permission of who we will give a dragon to would be by entering their “Dragon City” and acquire in it the dragon that we are going to give and it is only to be expected that the owner of the account enters and sees his new dragon waiting for him.

We repeat there is no way to send dragons from one account to another either for gifts, some time ago they incorporated into the game an alternative to send gifts, which consisted of sending a random gift to the chosen person on a daily basis, we went to the section of gifts and here we had to send and with this our friend received a random gift as an example: pieces of dragons, food, gold, among others.

How to Gift Dragons in Dragon City

How to Gift Dragons in Dragon City

This option of gifts “Dragon City" I remove it from the game leaving each and every one of the players missing thinking about the release of an update to be able to send all kinds of gifts. Today there is a way to be able to give something away, only as already explained by entering the "Dragon City" account of our friends, the bad thing about this is that it would not be a surprise gift since said friend must know what we are going to do in order that you give us access to your account.

We have to know that in the same way or another it would be a gift, like giving a Google Play card to be redeemed in the Google Play Store and our friend acquires the things he wants in “Dragon City”, it is to be hoped that SocialPoint, the company of this game, releases a version where we can all give each other gifts and assist each other with what we most want. 

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