How to Give a Fruit in Blox Fruits

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The Blox fruits, also known as demon fruits, are spread all over the planet, and when consumed, each one gives unique abilities. According to the peculiarities of the fruits and the abilities they give, they have a different cost, some are cheap and others are somewhat more expensive. Now, do you know how to give a fruit in Blox Fruits from Roblox? Here we will show you how to do it.

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How to Give a Fruit in Blox Fruits

How to give a fruit in Blox Fruits

To get the fruits of the devil, or Blox Fruits as you already know them, you can pay with the official currency of the game, called Beli. Although you can also achieve them for free.

If you will pay for the fruits, you should go to the neighborhood fruit vendor. And if you want to get them completely free of cost, you must explore the planet and get fruit trees. These give you fruits completely free of cost.

As you should be clear, each of the fruits has unique peculiarities, so you can find:

  • Mass, resound, light, dragon, poison, darkness. These fruits are considered the best in the game
  • Phoenix, Flame, Buddha, Magma, Falcon, Rope. Known to be the second best fruits of Blox Fruita
  • Gravity, Barrier, Rubber, Gate, Control. They are intermediate range fruits in Blox Fruits
  • Sand, Smoke, Chop, Kilogram, Love, Ice, Tack, Paw. They are the most frequently used fruit in the game.
  • Bomb and spike. They are the most used fruits, since they have a fairly affordable cost and any player can acquire them

Fruit Categories at Blox Fruits

Demon Fruits are classified into types:

  • Paramecia: A commonly used fruit, since it has no passive ability. This category is made up of one fruit, which the player can select according to their cost. They cost from fifty to two,500 Beli.
  • Zoan: This fruit has the peculiarity that when consumed, it lets the player become a beast. The fruits in this category are exclusive, there are really only four fruits and they cost from two hundred and sixty Beli to two,600 Beli.
  • Logia: Consuming this fruit gives the player the ability to harness their elemental abilities to the limit. This set is made up of eight fruits, and they have a value of two hundred and fifty Beli to two.100 Beli
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