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All the players in MeepCity de Roblox, at the beginning of the game, they are assigned a house, which they can remodel to their liking. Or if you want you can buy one, which you can give to a friend of the game. To acquire a house we must go to the furniture store and have Coins.

How To Donate Homes in MeepCity

How to gift homes in MeepCity Roblox

IF we want to give away a house in MeepCity, we must first buy it in the furniture store. Now, we are going to show you step by step how to give a house as a gift:

Buy a house in MeepCity

  1. First of all, we must go to the furniture store, which is located on the outskirts of the square.
  2. Once in the store we must click on the Home section.
  3. Any and all free house options in MeepCity will be displayed.
  4. We verify the amount of Coins or Robux that we have free to acquire the house of our choice.

House prices in MeepCity

  • Medium sized properties cost a thousand coins.
  • All Igloo properties are worth two thousand five hundred coins.
  • All the properties that have the TreeHouse model have a value of 7 coins.
  • Castle-shaped properties can be purchased for the cost of two thousand coins.
  • Rock Estate property cost 100 coins.
  • The Torre del Mango property has a cost of fifteen hundred coins.
  • The Trailer Estate property has a cost of five hundred coins.
  • The Finca Grande property has a cost of two thousand five hundred coins.
  • The gingerbread property is worth ten thousand coins.
  • The Townhouse property the one with two floors has a cost of four hundred 99 coins.
  • The Victorian Estate property can be achieved for a cost of five hundred coins.
  • The House of Celebration property costs two hundred and fifty coins.

Once the house is acquired, we can remodel the interior and exterior of exactly the same, in the furniture store we will achieve 4 options:

  • The painting.
  • The wallpapers.
  • Floors for the house.
  • We will also get the option to change the structure of the house.

Now that we've bought the house and remodeled it, we can gift it to a friend in MeepCity. Following the steps shown below:

  1. Click on the inventory button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. We are going to visualize the inventory that is called Attic.
  3. We choose from the inventory what we want to send and click on the gift button.
  4. We choose the player we want to send the gift to.
  5. A notification will appear to accept or refuse to send the gift.
  6. Click on OK. And that's it, the player can enjoy his new house.

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