How to Have a Race in Blox Fruits

How to Have a Race in Blox Fruits

How to have a breed in Blox Fruits? Upon joining the game, you will be randomly assigned one of the four races in the game. The Blox Fruits races are the Human race, Fishman, Skypian, and Mink. Auxiliary, in Blox Fruits you can find two more races. What are the Cyborg and the Ghoul. But to get any of these last two, you must meet certain requirements and complete multiple missions.

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How to Have a Race in Blox Fruits

How to have a breed in Blox Fruits

As you already know, you will be assigned a race randomly, when you make your initial registration in Blox Fruits. Regardless of which race the game assigns you, you can get the V2 and V3 versions of each race.

To change the race in Blox Fruits, for the one of your preference and update them to their improved version, you have multiple options:

  • Acquiring the Race Change for an amount of ninety Robux. You do this in the Blox Fruits store
  • Investing three thousand shards in the character Norp, to get the new race
  • Through the Christmas event, the one that was introduced to the game with update number one. in this event, you have the possibility to have a new race for ninety Robux, with the NPC Magic Elf
  • Through the Hallowen event, introduced in Blox Fruits with update number one. investing three hundred Beli, negotiating with the NPC King of Death
  • Again in the Christmas event, through the NPC Magic Elf, canceling one Robux

Regardless of the race you start the game with, you can take it to an upgraded version, which can be V2 or V3.

Breed upgrades in Blox Fruits include different versions of the abilities you have. In order to get the different versions, you must go to the second sea of ​​Blox Fruits.

If you want to get the V2 version of the race you have, the first thing you should know is that you must have the sum of five hundred thousand Beli. So, head to the Green Zone, and interact with the Alchemist. This way you will be able to carry out the Flower Quest. In order for you to get the new version of the race, you must be at level XNUMX or higher in the game. In addition to this you should look for the Colosseum. For this you must talk with Bartilo in the cafe.

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