How to Have Any Fruit in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits, also known as Demon Fruits, are consumable items in Blox Fruits. These fruits give you powerful abilities when you consume them in the game of Roblox. According to the peculiarities that each of these fruits have, they will have a value either in Beli or Robux. How to have any fruit in Blox Fruits? Purchase it from the in-game store.

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How to Have Any Fruit in Blox Fruits

How to have any fruit in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits there are multiple ways to get Blox fruits. However, many players prefer to opt for these fruits, through the in-game fruit merchant. The fruit merchant of Blox Fruits can be achieved at the beginning of the game. He is the one who sells the fruits, which you can pay in Beli or Robux.

You should know that the fruit merchant's inventory is limited, and he does not have every single fruit in the game at the time. Therefore, if you are after a certain fruit, you must wait 4 hours for the merchant's inventory to update. Check if you have the fruit you are looking for.

According to the level of Blox Fruits in which you are, you can get a specific fruit, through the cousin of the fruit merchant. You can do this transaction by canceling only with Beli. Another way to achieve the desired Blox fruit is by storming the castle located in the Sea.

If you don't want to pay for some fruit, you have the possibility to walk around the entire game map and find the fruit areas. Every forty-five minutes, trees spawn a Blox fruit, and you can get it by searching under trees and plants.

Classification of Blox Fruits

Blox fruits are classified into three categories, and each one has a plurality of fruits, which you can consume. In this sense, Blox fruits are classified as follows:

  • Blox Paramecia Fruits: Considered the most frequent fruits in the game, and the most used. These fruits are identified as having no passive abilities in Blox Fruits.
  • Blox Zoan Fruits: These fruits are known for providing the ability to transform into a powerful creature.
  • Blox Logia Fruits: These fruits, when consumed, give you the option to use each and every one of the elemental abilities you have.

The fruits with the most power and high cost are those of the Logia category. In this category, you can get up to eight fruits that can be consumed.

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