How to Have Children in Brookhaven

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It may sound crazy to you, but having children in Brookhaven is literally possible. Contrary to what many think "Adopt me" is not the only game of Roblox which gives the opportunity to have a virtual family. Now Brookhaven offers that occasion. We show you how!

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How to Have Kids in Brookhaven

How to have children in Brookhaven?

In many games, avatars have newborn children and are raising children, and even parents can be fined if they neglect the babies. But, in Brookhaven everything is more complex. Well… or at least those are supposed to be true, because it really is that it offers you many alternative options that can cause new experiences in the game. Among them is:

  • Adoption: Whether it's a little one or a newborn there are places where you can adopt. Actually, it is simpler than you think. However, to the street kids that you find in the city hanging around if you talk to them with affection, offer them hugs, they may receive your invitation to adoption.
  • Delicious without Caution: Roblox as a family game where teenagers and children play daily, wanted to express the consequences if they have unprotected sex. For this reason, if your avatar joins a partner without taking shelter, it is most likely that she will become pregnant. Just like in real life!
  • Ask a friend to be your child. Just as you read it. If you must meet with a group of friends and take advantage of the friendship relationship, you can make the request so that it is your child and well, from there the false parents give orders as if it were a child, and the other party obeys.

Here we have given you three options, one of them may seem foolish. But at Brookhaven there are no limits and we have proven that today.

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