How to have friends in Dragon City

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To invite friends to “Dragon City"First we must have him added as a friend on Facebook, for this we go to Facebook and send the friend request with whom we want to play, after this we open "Dragon City" and choose the Tasca, touch the button (make a friend) and we choose the friends to whom we will send a request to play, our friends must accept the request and start playing "Dragon City".

 It should be remembered that to demand gifts by invitation, the following must be fulfilled: the friends who are invited must not have previously played; they must immediately accept the request and enter the game; they will have to fill out the tutorial and play it; The false accounts that SocialPoint warns are rejected, that is, we cannot create multiple accounts to get the rewards and, after a period of two hours, the friend requests will expire if they are not accepted.

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How to have friends in Dragon City

How to have friends in Dragon City

Another place where requests can be sent is the market, inside we click the object that we will achieve (gold or food), we press the recruit friends icon, we choose the friends that we are going to invite and they only have to admit and start playing. If we don't have friends and we want to play with someone, we go to the official fan page of “Dragon City” on Facebook, there we will be able to locate thousands and thousands of other players, those who want to add new friends to share great experiences in the game.

Another incredible way to make friends is by entering our username in the comments and other players would send us a request to start playing with them. With this explained, it is time to have fun with the new friends we have made and the more we have, the more things we will achieve, in addition to this, we can now send gifts in the same way as receiving them, such as gems in Dragon City.

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