How to have infinite gems in dragon city

The only way to get free and infinite gems in “Dragon City” are with generators, hacks or mods, in the case of generators it is to search in our browser for a page to do this and put our game account with the amount of gems we want. These pages are not reliable at all since we can even lose the game account that we have dedicated so much time to, there is no legal way to carry out this process, each one owns their account and we all know what we do with each one.

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How to have infinite gems in dragon city

How to have infinite gems in dragon city

In the case of hacks or mods, they are third-party applications such as LuckyPatcher and HappyMod, these alter certain functions of the game allowing us to get everything for free. To carry out your installations, simply:

  • Search in Google or in the default browser of our mobile for said applications.
  • At the time of installation they do not indicate that they may contain a virus or package that advertises on our cell phone.
  • We look for “Dragon City” We do the steps that they indicate and we will be able to install it again with these files.
  • We enter the game, we go to the location of the gems and we acquire whatever, a menu will appear and there we will activate the purchases absolutely free of charge and the gems that we have chosen will be added immediately.

Unable to add an account Dragon City As it already has a progress, the account must be new, these applications are not durable at any moment the defense of the game will take us out and we will not be able to access it anymore, leaving the app useless. Another alternative is to download the game on the Internet with each and every one of these functions already incorporated (free purchases, all buy, power, among many others) allowing us to have the benefit of all the other players with these files and win each and every one of possible battles for a certain short time.

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