How to Have Legendary Dragons in Dragon City

Very explained with resolution and argument can only be achieved with the different crossings already discussed and buying them in the store of "Dragon City”. Remarking certain essential points we cannot forget to talk about the strongest dragon among each and every one of the legendary history class, this is the abyss dragon, it is the most unknown among the dragons of legendary history and four elements, it comes from unknown depths and is the king of light, darkness, fire and ice.

Some of the dragons that can face it and perhaps defeat it is the cactus dragon and the tropical dragon, to achieve this it is necessary to mate hybrid dragons of (light and darkness) and (ice and fire), it has a cost in the store of four thousand Five hundred countless gems for a great dragon, recommended to try all kinds of combinations to get it for free without spending a penny.

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How to Have Legendary Dragons in Dragon City

How to Have Legendary Dragons in Dragon City

In general, all the legendary dragons are really strong, but among all the abyss one stands out. By managing to get two legend story class dragons it will be considerably simpler and faster to be able to achieve the leftovers excluding the event dragons, these can only be achieved for a limited time and are extremely valuable and rare since after the end of the period of time to be able to get them is to wait for them to return in another event or, failing that, they become exclusive dragons.

It should be noted that we need to have a somewhat high level to acquire unlock the path of the legendary story dragons. If we have tried everything within our reach and we have not been able to achieve them, it is not a bad idea to ask a close friend who plays for help “Dragon City” and cooperate with us with some gems that you give us or lend us, either to help us acquire the hybrid dragons or the legendary ones themselves.

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