How to Have MeepCity Castle Free

How to Have MeepCity Castle Free

At the start of the game each and every player is assigned a small amount of money and a house. Players are free to remodel it or purchase a new one from the MeepCity furniture store; and depending on the size, the houses have a cost. But stop worrying, in this new installment we are going to show you how to have the castle of MeepCity en Roblox free of charge.

How to Get MeepCity Castle for Free

How to have the MeepCity castle for free Roblox

Do you want a new property in MeepCity, but you don't have enough money to buy it? In the MeepCity game there are multiple options to get fast money and be able to acquire properties.

To acquire the castle we must go to the furniture store and click on the Estates option. A series of options will be displayed to acquire houses. We choose the castle that has a cost of two thousand coins; the castle brings a series of pots around it to grow flowers, it consists of two floors.

property costs

In the MeepCity game each and every house has a different cost:

  • The property of a medium size has a cost of thousand coins.
  • The property in the form of an Igloo has a cost of two thousand five hundred coins.
  • The treehouse property can be purchased for 7 coins.
  • The castle-shaped property is worth two thousand coins.

In order to acquire the castle we must have two thousand free coins in the game and go to the furniture store that is located on the outskirts of the square. If we don't have them, we can play the mini-games to earn coins in a simple and easy way.

Grow plants in MeepCity

In the beginning house we are going to achieve a series of pots around it. If we click on each and every pot, a menu will be displayed with different plants that we can grow, when choosing one of the plants it will be put in the pot and we must wait 5 hours to be able to take it out and sell it to the rest of the players. So we are going to get coins in a fast and entertaining way, apart from being the player who grows MeepCity flowers.

Invest time in the MeepCity game

When starting a session in the MeepCity game, we must continue connected for a long period of time, since the game will assign us coins for carrying out each and every one of the routine tasks, socializing with friends, going to parties, etc. This is a good option to earn coins by doing routine activities. From time to time the notification will appear that we have been assigned coins.

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