How to Increase the Tip in My Café

Tips appear for the first time in the game My Café Recipes and Stories At level eight, with your user Fernando, he will introduce you to the different styles offered by the service's customers and then you will be able to decide on a specific style. Depending on the style you choose, it will give you a machine, the one that appears most frequently is the stylish tea machine, and then at the bank you will see the other stylish machines that are on sale or that you can buy with coins or rubies

How to Increase the Tip in My Café

How to Increase the Tip in My Café

When you start to have all kinds of recipes and stylish items, the customers of the service start to leave you tips based on the percentage that you have put on your product. For example:

  • If your style is at ten percent and you sell a recipe that is equivalent to five US dollars, the tip will be five US dollars, so you will be producing a total of five.5 US dollars for that product. 
  • If you produce a product with XNUMX% style, and the recipe value is US$XNUMX, you can generate a much higher tip, about US$XNUMX for a total of US$XNUMX.

With this procedure we can understand that, the greater the style of your recipe, the greater the profits will be, since you will get more money for the tip than for the cost of the product. The percentage that you have found with your tip and each and every one of the administrative details in this regard will be given to you by Fernando, one of the characters in the game that we have already mentioned. 

When you enter the game, a list provided by Fernando will appear, where the hours you were inactive will appear, the orders served, the amount of tips you received classified by the different styles (French, American, American retro, among many others). In addition to this, we can see the details of the purchases of the last clients of the service, to know which recipes are the most demanded in our store. 

With increasing your style you will be able to increase the tips in My Cafe

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