How to Make a Big Ship in Build a Ship for Treasure

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The main idea of 鈥嬧媡he game Build A Ship For The Treasure in Roblox, as its name says, is to build a ship to navigate the oceans facing all kinds of challenges and get the treasure at the end of the game. At the beginning of the game we can only build a small ship as we have few blocks and gold pieces.

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How to Make a Big Ship in Build a Ship for Treasure

How to Make a Big Ship in Build a Ship for Treasure

At the beginning of Build A Ship For Treasure, we will be assigned a small number of blocks which are enough to build a small ship. That is why on certain occasions certain players join together to create a larger ship.

But if we want to build a large ship we are going to need countless blocks, and for that we are going to need gold. In the Build A Ship For Treasure game we have multiple options to earn blocks. It can be done by doing the listed quests which can be found on the Quests icon in the game.

We can also start the construction of a small ship and start sailing through the ocean where we will activate multiple missions where we can earn blocks and gold at the same time. To start the construction of a large ship we just have to follow the next steps.

  1. Locate a clear area in the construction area, in this way we can start the construction of our ship.
  2. We enter the game's construction menu, where we are going to choose each and every one of the precise tools.
  3. We start with a huge rectangle, which we are going to fill with blocks to make it the base of our ship.
  4. In one of the lateral faces of the rectangle we will create a kind of triangle which will be the Prow of our ship.
  5. We are going to raise the side walls about 5 rows high so that our ship is amazing.
  6. On the other side end we are going to add the cabin area where we will put the seat for our avatar.
  7. The cabin will have a size according to our ship.
  8. On the deck of our ship we are going to add multiple extras such as cannons and two or 3 poles for the flags.
  9. We have to be careful when putting the blocks in the construction of our ship; at the base and on the side walls we are going to put the blocks with the greatest strength.
  10. In this way we will have a ship that will be able to face the different challenges of the game.

In this way we can create a ship of enormous dimensions, with which we can reach the end of the game.

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