How to Make a Crew in Blox Fruits

How to Make a Crew in Blox Fruits

The players of Roblox that they start in Blox Fruits and choose the option to be pirates, they will be able to create their crew or belong to one. How to make a crew in Blox Fruits? Since the main thing is to be at level three hundred or higher, and your crew can be only one member.

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How to Make a Crew in Blox Fruits

How to make a crew in Blox Fruits Roblox

Any player who starts Blox Fruits in pirate mode will be able to create their crew. For this he must meet a series of essential requirements:

  • The main thing is to be at level three hundred or higher in the game
  • To create your crew you must press the icon of the skull with the crossed swords
  • To upgrade and increase your crew, you must purchase the respective slots. These are worth two,000 shards each, and are sold by the captain of the crew. The maximum number of slots you can purchase is one, which indicates that you can grow your crew to two members.
  • If you are below level three hundred of the game, you will be able to be a member of a crew, but you will not be able to create your own
  • The rewards that crew members get are called crew rewards.
  • Each of the members of a crew will be an ally in the Blox Fruits game

Characteristics of the crew in Blox Fruits

When you create or form a part of a crew, both the captain and the members of exactly the same, will be able to view the following information on the screen:

  • Name of the crew they are part of
  • Level the crew captain is on
  • Rewards achieved by each crew member
  • The crew will be able to see the name of the captain in the upper right part of the screen
  • Blox Fruits has ranked the most noted crews and the amount of reward earned
  • Each player will be able to visualize the amount of rewards obtained by the entire crew
  • The crew can be formed with a minimum of five members and a maximum of 25
  • If any member of the crew wants to withdraw from exactly the same, they only have to press the button destined for this action
  • The captain of the crew is in the ability to invite any player to join exactly the same. In addition, he will have the power to decide if he expels any member of the crew.
  • If the crew is recognized and ranked among the best ones, they will get the title that certifies it
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