How to Make a Pool in MeepCity

How to Make a Pool in MeepCity

Are you a MeepCity enthusiast and you like to be fashionable in the game to draw the attention of other players, wearing attractive clothes, creating parties, adopting a pet and now you want to have a swimming pool. Keep reading and we are going to show you how to make a swimming pool in MeepCity de Roblox.

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How to Make a Pool in MeepCity Roblox

How to make a pool in MeepCity

Do you want to have a pool in your house and invite your friends to share it with them? Now, we are going to show you step by step how to have your pool in MeepCity.

  1. Depending on the money you have free or the amount you want to invest, it will be the size of the pool.
  2. We must go to the furniture store that is located on the outskirts of the square.
  3. Once in the store we must acquire the precise items to make our pool.
  4. In the free items menu in the store we are going to choose the kitchen section.
  5. In the new sub menu we must find the kitchen furniture (counters), where we are going to achieve an enormous plurality of colors and styles and we acquire the one of our liking. Depending on the counter that we acquire and the amount purchased, it will be the style and size of our pool.
  6. We exit the kitchen items sub menu and enter the trend parade menu. (This menu is located next to the kitchen menu).
  7. We are going to acquire the first item shown, which is a railing called a walkway, which costs two hundred and fifty coins. We purchased exactly the same amount from the kitchen counters.
  8. We return to the main menu of the store where we are going to choose the decorations option.
  9. In the decorations sub menu we will buy the item called circle rug. The one that has a cost of one hundred and 25 coins.
  10. Once these items are purchased we can leave the store.
  11. In our house we choose the area where we want to install our pool.
  12. First of all, we choose the railings that we bought in the store and put them in the chosen area of ​​our house.
  13. Then we choose the kitchen counter or the counters depending on the quantity purchased.
  14.  We are going to place these counters around the railings. We must be careful when putting the kitchen counters since they must go with the handles of the doors facing inward (a matter of style).
  15. Now we are going to choose the circular rugs and we are going to cover each and every one of the railings that we had put in our house, the ones that are covered with the kitchen counters.
  16. As you can see, the pool takes shape and the tone of the water can be adjusted to our liking by changing the tone of the carpet.
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