How to Match with Bots in Free Fire Qualifier

If you want to know how to match with bots in qualifying free fire You came to the right place! Since, we offer you the information and precise steps so that you can get it in a simple, fast way and without so many difficulties. Thus, you will have a greater chance of winning successfully.

Also, Garena's game Free Fire has a mode Qualifying for players who have exactly the same skill level to play against others. This, in contrast to the traditional. The one that is more complex, since you are going to have to face people as good as . Now we are going to give you more information.

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How to Match with Bots in Free Fire Ranked

How to get the rookie lobby in Free Fire in ranked mode?

You must unequip and equip your pet

It is essential that you know that the instant you unequip and equip your pet, you will trick the system into believing that it does not have one and that will be paired with players who also do not have a. And it is quite inconvenient that it is with new players in the game.

Take into account only playing with low ranked gamers on your team

Having 1-XNUMX low rank players on your team will significantly reduce the average rank of the set. Which is going to make you face squads with lower ranks and abilities. On the other hand, it is necessary that established with the help of the group leader. Since, always and in all circumstances, it will be more difficult to kill multiple players with little skill, than one with a lot.

Never invite your friends

Although it is not a secret that playing with friends is more entertaining since you can communicate and understand each other better throughout the combat, you also put yourself at risk of facing people who play with their friends. Consequently, if you want to enter the newbie lobby, you need to play with random users.

Play at the appointed time

Consider that there are certain hours in which you will probably have to face a player of your same level. It is for this reason that we invite you to play on the server in the morning. Because, if you play from 4AM to 9PM you will have a huge chance of entering a lobby full of bots.

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