How to Open Mystery Boxes on Hay Day

There Day is a very entertaining mobile game in which we will have to manage a farm performing different functions or tasks such as cultivating, raising animals, fishing, harvesting and customizing different aspects of our farm, in addition to this, we will be able to visit the farms of other users and play it with friends, which will make our experience considerably more enjoyable playing this great supercell game, same developer of Clash Royale y Brawl Stars.

Within the game, as in many others, different events are celebrated and there are different ways to obtain items or resources, as for example, the mystery boxes, which we will achieve randomly in the game and that will give us really useful things for our progress in the game. if you want to know how to open enigmatic boxes in There Day, do not stop reading this note where we are going to tell you everything you need to know about these boxes.

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How to Open Enigmatic Boxes on Hay Day

How to Open Enigmatic Boxes on Hay Day

There are different kinds of mystery boxes, each one will give us different items or rewards to use in the game and here we are going to comment on each one of them and how to achieve them. Now these are the enigmatic boxes that you can achieve in Hay Day:

  1. Enigmatic Tool Boxes: toolboxes are identified by being red color and they have a chain wrapped around them, they only appear on the farm and when they are closed they will be able to open paying the amount of 3 diamonds, when it is opened or rejected, it will disappear until a new box appears. They can be small, large and huge.
  2. Treasure box: These boxes will appear in the village lake and opening them will cost the amount of five diamonds, after opening or rejecting them, it will disappear from the lake until another treasure chest appears.
  3. Seasonal Gift Boxes: These gifts appear in the fishing areas and as a general rule they do it for some seasonal reason, such as Christmas or Halloween, so their appearance will change based on this. Being a gift, it won't cost any amount of diamonds, so you will be able to open them immediately the moment they appear.

All these boxes are essential to be able to improve in the game, since if you ignore them it will probably cost you considerably more to advance in the game due to the fact that you will miss out on fantastic rewards and resources that are given in Hay Day enigmatic boxes. Remember that to go far in the game, you must have a good amount of resources and make the most of any opportunity to get them.

This is what you need to know about how to open enigmatic boxes in Hay Day. If you liked this article, remember that you can review all the other hay day guides that we have published on our website for you.

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