How to Order Pizza in MeepCity

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In MeepCity, there is a wide variety of mini-games with which you can entertain yourself and have a good time, such as: the chariot race, Star Ball races, participate in a celebration and much more. On this occasion we are going to teach how to request pizza in MeepCity de Roblox.

How to Order Pizza in MeepCity

How to Request Pizza in MeepCity Roblox

Are you listless in your house in MeepCity and can't find what to do? Why don't you request a pizza to get out of the routine. You just have to follow the steps shown below:

  1. The first step is to get a phone in the play store.
  2. We entered the furniture store in MeepCity.
  3. We will visualize each and every one of the options of the store menu, and we click on Decorations.
  4. In the decorations section we must navigate the page until we reach the telephone.
  5. The phone costs 100 coins.
  6. Click on the purchase button and then we must confirm our purchase.
  7. The system notifies you through a message that the acquisition has been carried out successfully.
  8. We leave the furniture store and return to our house.
  9. Being in the house we are going to click on the button that is located at the bottom of the screen, to be able to access our inventory.
  10. In the inventory we are going to choose the telephone icon to be able to place it on the wall of our preference.
  11. When you put the phone on the wall you will be marked with a flashing hand symbol, which means that we can access that item.
  12. By pressing on the flashing hand symbol, the pizzeria menu will appear.
  13. We choose the type of pizza that we will buy, the sauce that we want, and the ingredients to assemble our pizza.
  14. Then we click on the green button that informs us that the pizza has a cost of ten coins.
  15. A notification will appear where we will have to click on "OK" if we want to make the acquisition, or on the "NO" button to cancel the acquisition.
  16. We will click on the Serve option to confirm the pizza order.
  17. The system confirms that the order has been successfully placed, and it will be assigned to a random player who is in the pizza delivery shop.
  18. The data of the player who prepares our pizza will appear on the screen.
  19. Now we just have to wait for the pizza delivery guy to arrive at our home.
  20. The pizza delivery man must arrive with the order in less than two minutes.
  21. Once the pizza is received, we put it on a table and proceed to eat it.
  22. Here are the steps to order a pizza at MeepCity.
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